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From Conflict to collaboration

From Conflict to Collaboration

No one likes conflict… one likes to have the ‘difficult’ conversations…Unfortunately sometimes we are confronted with upset or angry parents or staff and we need to find a way to a solution. This 1 day professional learning experience will help you develop your skills to deal with these difficult situations - whether it be upset or angry parents, or uncooperative colleagues. We explore how to develop your emotional intelligence around reading body language, deescalating upset parents / staff, developing more effective relationships, structuring the critical conversation for positive outcomes and much more. 

Supporting you to manage the demands of parents in a positive, productive manner will ease the stress and allow you to focus on your core business of teaching. Leadership team members are encouraged to attend as skills can be easily transferred to working with teachers to create cooperative, professional learning communities.

Our sessions are engaging, collaborative and we manage some laughs along the way.

6 hours of CPD

Registrations now open

Term 4 2019 Dates:

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  • Brisbane: Thursday the 24th of October (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: Ramada by Wyndham Brisbane Windsor

  • Canberra: Thursday the 7th of November (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: AFL Community Room (8 Spoering St, Phillip ACT)

  • Perth: Wednesday the 27th of November (8:45am - 3:00om) Venue: Travelodge Perth (417 Hay St, Perth)

What others are saying…

  • A wonderful day allowing me to reflect on my own practice and to consider how I can handle situations in the future.

  • Both your professional and personal anecdotes resonated with me. thank you for being such a positive role model and strong educator. I found this inspiring.

  • Thank you for such a positive, practical approach to these skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

  • Jodie is a very effective and efficient speaker. She was able to motivate me to be more tactful and professional in dealing with ‘the challenging’ students and parents. This PD opens a very important avenue in my career as it lets me realise the most effective strategies on how to convert conflict into a more productive situation. Bravo!

  • Great strategies that are usable. Loved it.

  • Great information and well presented. The day flew.

  • Great session. Jodie made the day productive but felt like we were only here for 5 minutes! This is a perfect PD for any teacher. I learnt so much and shall be taking lots of take away strategies with me to improve my communication with colleagues, students and parents. Thank you.

  • Thanks for such an engaging day. All sessions were fast paced and interesting.

  • Wonderful effective workshop. Many take aways I will be able to use in my school. Jodie is an amazing presenter who kept us engaged for the whole day. Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I loved this workshop.

  • Jodie is a very knowledgeable and personable instructor and the workshop was engaging, very useful and valuable. Much appreciated.

  • Fantastic workshop - it has made me feel much more confident in dealing with conflict in a school community and it is beautiful having such a passionate presenter. I have many resources now for my teacher’s toolkit and can’t wait to spread the word.

  • So many powerful strategies that can apply to parents and colleagues. Loved your presentation style.

  • Once again an excellent presentation with a multitude of easily applicable strategies.

  • Great energy, very effective agenda, so relate-able and relevant, very engaging, wonderful booklet of resources to take home.

  • Highly recommend this PD for all teachers and leaders. I feel like my bucket has been totally filled.

  • Very Helpful and practical, would recommend to all teachers.

  • Really valuable and practical strategies. Will be using these on a daily basis, thank you so much Jodie.

  • Enjoyable and valuable PD that provided clear, effective strategies to implement in a school setting.

  • Great strategies to easily implement into my everyday. Lots of deeper reflection points to think about.

  • Great practical strategies. Thoroughly recommend.

  • What an incredible day of learning. Jodie is an incredible, passionate and friendly presenter who has opened my eyes to what I can control regarding difficult situations and conflict. Thank you so much.

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Northern Territory Remote Schools Principal’s Conference, 2019

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