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Effective Pedagogy    High Impact Strategies



This 1 day professional learning experience will explore a range of learning strategies students need to succeed.  The program is designed to engage participants and support them to grow and better understand how to implement high impact strategies in their classrooms.  Whether you are beginning your career or an experienced teacher, this workshop has something for everyone and will not only equip you with a greater range of strategies for your classroom, will inspire you to share your knowledge with others. There is a particular focus on Engaging Students and Effective Feedback.

Based on the credible research of Professor John Hattie and the Visible Learning team, Dr Robert Marzano, founder of The Art and Science of Teaching, and Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey's structured teaching approach, this workshop will explore a range of different teaching strategies that you can implement in the context of your class, that actually work.  

This is a fabulous workshop and will inspire you to build on what you already do well, network with other passionate teachers and try new strategies to grow as a professional.

6 hours of CPD

Registrations now open

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Term 4, 2019 Dates:

  • Brisbane: Tuesday the 22nd of October (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: Ramada by Wyndham Brisbane Windsor

  • Canberra: Tuesday the 5th of November (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: AFL Community Room, 8 Spoering St, Phillip ACT

  • Perth: Monday the 25th of November (8:45am - 3:00om) Venue: Travelodge Perth (417 Hay St, Perth)

What others are saying...     

  • Brilliant start to finish, wish we had more time

  • Fantastic day. Very well worth the time. I definitely have a few more new ideas and borrowed ideas.

  • Thought provoking day. Have taken many ideas to implement in classroom. Particularly enjoyed the discussion on the most influential strategies that impact student outcomes.

  • Awesome workshop came and learnt some valuable skills. I also was able to reaffirm that the things I do are great. Thank you!

  • I really enjoyed the positive way you address complex pedagogy processes. You made it easy to understand how I can make a difference in the way I teach. The practical examples and colourful visuals were inspiring. The ‘talk’ time with peers was really helpful. I came away with lots of ideas. Thanks so much Jodie.

  • Real-life examples. Engaging. Time to discuss ideas/experiences. Thank you.

  • This was an excellent program. I have taken away some new teaching ideas. This will improve my classroom. Thanks a million.

  • Thank you – I like the small groups and interaction with others. This is very much in line with Ed QLD policies etc which means its relevant and timely!

  • Thought provoking. I will go away and really think about the way I supply feedback and how I allow students to provide feedback.

  • I really like how you showed the difference between teaching effect sizes and learning effect sizes. I hadn’t seen this before. Thanks for a great day. I feel very confident about what we are putting in place in school.

  • Just the right amount of information. I don’t feel overwhelmed with too much information. Feedback tips were great.

  • I love the discussions that we had and the time we had to share our own ideas and how we could approach new strategies in school. Appreciate the interactive approach and the power-point reading. Found the clips with real-world applications of the strategies very effective. Very friendly, helpful and engaging session. I feel motivated to implement some more strategies and continue others at the school as I can really see the value of them. Thank you!

  • Great PD. I was challenged to look how I give feedback in the classroom. It was good to reflect on how the skill, will and thrill can affect students when they come into the classroom.

  • I have many new ideas I can take back to school to share with my Curriculum HODs and also influence the next phase of our school learning agenda.

  • Great ideas and practical ideas to incorporate into the classroom. Great collaboration with other teachers.

  • Very relevant. Easy to listen to. Provided concrete strategies to take away. Even after teaching for years today has highlighted things I do and things I can improve on.

  • Informative and detailed with backed up research. I have never been in a PD where the time has gone by so quickly, purely because of how engaged I was. Level of discussion was great. I’m inspired!

  • Really practical, that encouraged great discussions. A lot of knowledge that can be adapted into the schools I’m at.

  • An engaging PD from start to finish. Great opportunity to talk to other teachers. Loved the hands-on tasks. Very interesting info. Thank you.

  • Thanks for a great day Jodie, I really appreciated the practical, hands-on strategies and advice we received. Being able to listen, talk and collaborate with others who come from various contexts was invaluable!

  • An incredibly helpful and engaging PD. I learnt a lot from Jodie and I loved that she acknowledged our knowledge and utilised it! Thank you for an engaging day!

  • One of the best PDs I have done! Great content and presentation. Loved that it was engaging across all contexts and that everyone was lovely.

  • Well prepared, good resources, engaging. Great opportunity for reflection. Good chance to remember some tools I used to use.

  • Great facilitator of discussion, knowledgeable, useful. Thank you.

  • Awesome discussions and sharing. Excellent information and can’t wait to share with school leaders and colleagues. Life-long fan.

  • Brilliant! Jodie you are engaging. Loved the discussion. Your personable approach was extremely positive. Thanks. I will be back.

  • An excellent day spent learning new strategies from you. Very engaging. Well worth the time coming. I got a lot out of your sessions. Very much appreciated.

  • Fantastic opportunity, I loved the opportunity to learn about the high impact teaching strategies. Ways/strategies/discussion around these and how to implement Is excellent and really helpful. Loved it!

  • Great experience to share and practice collegial engagement. I received a lot of clarity about visible learning which is a focus at my school. I have a lot more confidence in my practice now having confirmed that most of what I do is effective already. Thank you.

  • Some worthwhile ideas and practices will be taken away and used in my teaching. Well organised and prepared seminar. Good interaction, resources and interactive activities.

  • Good discussion throughout which led to ideas to help improve/change practice. Consolidated other knowledge and reminded to use it – thoroughly enjoyable.

  • Awesome workshop came and learnt some valuable skills. I also was able to reaffirm that the things I do are great. Thank you!

  • Fantastic day. Very well worth the time. I definitely have a few more new ideas and borrowed ideas.

  • Many “ah ha” moments and cementing ideas already in place, thank you

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Effective Pedagogy Workshop Rockhampton

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Effective Pedagogy Workshop Cairns

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