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Effective Pedagogy    High Impact Strategies



This 1 day professional learning experience will explore a range of learning strategies students need to succeed.  The program is designed to engage participants and support them to grow and better understand how to implement high impact strategies in their classrooms.  Whether you are beginning your career or an experienced teacher, this workshop has something for everyone and will not only equip you with a greater range of strategies for your classroom, will inspire you to share your knowledge with others.

Based on the credible research of Professor John Hattie and the Visible Learning team, Dr Robert Marzano, founder of The Art and Science of Teaching, and Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey's structured teaching approach, this workshop will explore a range of different teaching strategies that you can implement in the context of your class, that actually work.  

This is a fabulous workshop and will inspire you to build on what you already do well, network with other passionate teachers and try new strategies to grow as a professional.

Accredited 6 hours of CPD with QCT
2018   Term 3 Dates and Locations
Registrations now open
  • Sunshine Coast: Thursday 16th August (8:45am - 3:00pm) Lake Kawana Hotel
  • Brisbane: Wednesday 29th August 2018 (8:45am - 3:00pm) Brisbane International Windsor
  • Darwin: Wednesday 12th September (8:45am - 3:00pm) Oaks Elan Darwin

What others are saying...

  • Brilliant start to finish, wish we had more time

•    Great focus on research based theories
•    Fantastic to engage with other teachers and share learning strategies
•    Plenty of ideas to be more impactful in the classroom
•    I loved the collaboration time
•    Excellent hands on and useful ideas to take back and use in my classroom
•    I found this PD to be very informative. There are things that I can see me implementing in my room. Also lots of food for thought, thanks
•    Was informative and run well, good opportunity to hear what others are doing
•    Successful workshop as it highlighted influences on learning
•    Highlighted importance of Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Feedback
•    Well presented, great content
•    Many “ah ha” moments and cementing ideas already in place, thank you
•    Useful examples of ways to implement strategies
•    Engaging
•    Overall interesting information. 
•    Thank you so much Jodie for your workshop today. I feel so much better informed about current and relevant research
•    I can look more objectively at teaching influences
•    Hattie’s Model of Learning made so much sense so I will be investigating this more. 
•    I also think the afternoon session on relevant feedback made my view on this topic focus to a much more purposeful focus on feedback in my classes,
•    Found the workshop enlightening and made me aware of areas I need to work on. 
•    Great examples, well worth attending.

  Effective Pedagogy Workshop Rockhampton

Effective Pedagogy Workshop Rockhampton

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