Maximising the Performance of your Team

coaching others for success

Coaching / Mentoring Program

COACHING / mentoring program


Whether you are in a coaching or mentoring role within your school, or would just like to improve your abilities in enhancing the performance of others, this workshop offers you so much. Current research shows us that supporting the professional growth of our teachers by facilitating pedagogical dialogue and providing effective feedback will have significant benefits for our students.  Discover how to maximise the experience of both being coached, and being a coach.

  • effective conversation strategies

  • classroom observation techniques

  • collecting evidence

  • setting goals and tracking progress

  • using data effectively

  • understanding the learning cycle

  • preparing beginning / pre-service teachers for registration requirements

are just a few of the topics covered during this experience. Not only will your coaching and mentoring skills be enhanced, but your overall leadership qualities will be taken to another level. 

6 hours of CPD

Registrations Now Open

Term 4, 2019 Dates:

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  • Brisbane: Wednesday the 23rd of October (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: Ramada by Wyndham Brisbane Windsor

  • Canberra: Wednesday the 6th of November (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: AFL Community Room (8 Spoering St, Phillip ACT)

  • Perth: Tuesday the 26th of November (8:45am - 3:00om) Venue: Travelodge Perth (417 Hay St, Perth)

what others are saying....

  • Jodie is an inspiring and knowledgeable facilitator.  This is one of the best and most rewarding workshops I have ever attended! This has clarified roles and relationships of mentors and coaches.  I know so much more now.

  • Very practical examples were given.  Could carry a lot of ideas on mentoring.  Very good ideas of questioning and reflecting were discussed.  Idea of Marigold and Walnuts was really good and gives us time to reflect always on our teaching.

  • It was a rewarding experience.  Will definitely look at coaching/mentoring with a different angle.  Learnt heaps and looking forward to implementing the strategies in our school policies.  From ‘don’t know what I don’t know’ to the walnut and marigold effect – absolutely enjoyed the session.

  • Very good PD.  Definitely valuable in my current role.  I have taken a lot of tips that I can use back at school.

  • Eye opening session.  Helpful.  Having processes in place are vital in schools.  I’ll aspire to always be a marigold.

  • Great PD.  Relearned learning cycle.  Got some direction.  Useful information.

  • Really enjoyed it.  Gave me a good framework.  Believe in hanging with the marigolds too.  Lots of great ideas presented very humorously and coherently.  I’ll recommend you. 

  • So many things to go back and think about – things like - Find the marigolds – Avoid the walnuts – perfect!  Chart for vision – skills – incentive etc.  small steps but I have a better idea of what I want to do.

  • Really helpful – I liked the questions to help guide reflections.  A lot to think about – even on how I can improve my own teaching.  Great one-liners – will definitely be stealing some of those! 

  • Very engaging.  Easy to follow along for someone new to coaching.  Great conversation opportunities.

  • I now understand the process of coaching/mentoring in the school and NOW see the value.  Your presentation style is fantastic.  I will look for future workshops.”

  • Your experience and knowledge base is incredible and the anecdotes and answers to questions were great. 

  • Very interactive and open.  Great information and resource book was good for making notes. 

  • I have found today really useful.  I have a lot more clarity around mentoring/coaching and the expectations surrounding them.

  • Excellent workshop.  Even after a number of professional workshops, this has to be in my top 2.  Very engaging as a presenter.  Learnt a great deal about things I thought I knew.  Fantastic real ‘teacher world’ content.

  • An excellent introduction to coaching and mentoring.  Some easily transferrable skills for the toolkit.  Nice networking environment.

  •  Thank you for the insight into marigolds and walnuts.  I am sure now to surround myself with marigolds (even though it is not my first rodeo) and tell my ECT and pre-service teachers to do the same.

  • Very informative and engaging.  Practical.  Worthwhile conversations.   Thanks for being a marigold.

  • Excellent, well organised, prepared, punctual and key essential points.  All participants are well experienced teachers.  Learned a lot and developed a great network. 

  • Clarification of the roles and purposes of mentors and coaches.  Strategies and skills to use when in professional partnerships.  Well organised and presented.  Rigorous and research-based.

  • Thanks for today’s session.  It has caused me to re-focus on the program our school has.  It has highlighted the good and bad points of what I do.

  • Very engaging presentation felt comfortable asking questions thanks to positive nature of presenter. 

  • Jodie you are a natural presenter!  Was an enjoyable day filled with lots of ‘titbits’ for me to take away.  Engaging presentation, good to work with others from other schools.  Mix between individual, group, whole class discussions.  Great strategies around questioning.  Clarification of roles as a coach/mentor.

  • Thanks again Jodie – had an awesome day!  Have taken a few ideas away with me that I will work on to develop my mentoring plan and coaching skills. 

  •  Your session was professionally presented and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Made me reflect on our systems and structures and my practice!

  • I found Jodie very easy to listen to and great source of information and experience. Really great ideas to take away and implement.  Loved collaborating with others. Very informative.

  • Great ideas and strategies to take away.  Mapped concepts in a way that was easy to follow and implement in to a high school.

  • “Thank you Jodie for this very insightful, informative professional development.   From this I have better learnt how to move from a teacher to a mentor to a coach and the characteristics of each.  I want to develop my knowledge and skills further based on what I have got from this PD today.  Throughout much of this I have analysed myself and I have really appreciated the cluster time to discuss mentoring and coaching with my colleagues.  Thanks heaps and I hope to continue.

  • Was an engaging presentation.  Very informative and gave us lots to think about regarding how our own current mentoring/coaching format looks at our school.

  • Very well presented.  Easy to follow and understand.  Defined specifics and differences between mentoring and coaching.  Great format and guide to use as a supporting resource (program booklet).

  • Some excellent strategies presented.  Some awesome steps to guide us in our roles as coaches/mentors. Very well presented: great take-away booklet.  Loved the little group discussions.  You are a gorgeous marigold.

  • Great session with a wealth of practical applications.  Extremely helpful to clarify the difference between mentoring and coaching.

  • Informative.  Organised.  Concise.  Purposeful for immediate implementation.  Tangible actions.  Variety of resources.  Great engaging resources.

  • Thank you so much for such an informative session.  I will take a great deal of information away from today.

  • Excellent program to really assist with our mentoring/coaching program.  Learned a great deal to apply to our school program. 

  • Once again loved the ‘real’ element you provided us with during this coaching/mentoring program.  By relating it to real classroom experiences and relationships – we are easily able to relate this to our own settings and experiences, identify the things we are currently doing well and the areas we need to focus on to improve.  Many thanks for another really relevant PD.  Love your work and look forward to more in the future. 

  •  Awesome workshop, clear, precise.  Learning felt very comfortable with knowledge.

  •  Presenter extremely approachable, friendly, loved the personal analogies.    Good pace today.  Moved quickly, not boring, good participant booklet.

  • Fantastic!  Wish there were more staff from our school to hear about it.  Lots of real life examples.  Easy to understand steps which can be followed in any type of school setting.

  • Excellent!  I understand the difference between coaching and mentoring and can see how this can be better developed at our school. 

  • Extremely relevant, useable information that I will use with my students and spaces.  In the future I would hope it to become the solid foundation for our disengaged youth program.  I managed to develop solid foundations for an induction program and guidelines for our program. 

  • Loved the clear framework of coaching.  This makes my role as a coach much more clear.  Clear messages of the difference between leadership, mentoring and coaching.  As a Small School Principal I need to build trust to be able to build a culture and plan in my school. 

  • This session helped me to clarify in my mind what we are trying to achieve in the program we have implemented.  We have been crying out for some training in how to coach/mentor.  I would like to have this program presented to our whole staff.

  • Today was fantastic.  You have given me a clear understanding of how to implement coaching and mentoring in my school.  I have come to see that this is a powerful process and look forward to introducing this to my staff. 

  • Key information about the separation of mentoring and coaching.  A very positive outlook on solutions rather than the problems.  Multiple ideas concerning each issue to allow discussion.  Differing possibilities to suit different schools.  All good.

  • Best PD I've been to in a really long time

  •  Another amazingly informative, relevant and practical PD.  You affirmed things already occurring in my practice and provided pathways to develop coaching in our school.

  • Lots of positive ideas.  Good definition of mentor v coach.

  • Very enjoyable.  Helped to unclutter and organise the information and misinformation rattling around in my brain. Recommended.

  • Great provocation for reflecting on current practice and aspirational goals (who’s working harder? Don’t water rocks!) small group size promoted sharing, collaboration and problem unpacking.  Motivated to start small and challenge myself to build capacity.  Loved the media (clips, comic strips).  Very authentic presenter – obvious expertise, passion, lived experience.  Excellent models.

  • Great topics, great presenter. Jodie was knowledgeable, open and real in her experiences and background as a mentor / coach. She offered guidelines and steps to follow so we can re-design our school's mentoring process.

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Amazing Canberra educators

Amazing Canberra educators

Canberra EP2.JPG
Richardson Primary School, ACT: Coaching for ALL staff.

Richardson Primary School, ACT: Coaching for ALL staff.

Atherton Tablelands Teachers: Making a difference by investing in their staff as mentors.

Atherton Tablelands Teachers: Making a difference by investing in their staff as mentors.

Runcorn State School, Brisbane, investing in their whole staff by supporting them to become incredible peer coaches to each other.

Runcorn State School, Brisbane, investing in their whole staff by supporting them to become incredible peer coaches to each other.