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This Leadership Program is designed for teachers and leaders who are looking to improve and develop their leadership qualities.  Whether you have you just landed your first leadership position, are considering a future in a leadership role, or have been in leadership for some time and need that spark, this workshop will support your growth and development as a leader.  We will cover essential attributes and skills of effective leadership including:

  • time management

  • influencing others

  • management V leadership

  • strategic planning

  • crucial conversations

  • building the capacity of others

  • leading with integrity...and so much more

This 1 day professional learning experience is designed to inspire and support you in becoming the best leader you can.

'If you are leading but no one is following, you are just going for a walk' John Maxwell

Join me for an inspiring day of learning and take your career to the next level.

6 hours CPD

Registrations now open

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Term 4, 2019 Dates:

  • Brisbane: Friday the 25th of October (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: Ramada by Wyndham Brisbane Windsor

  • Canberra: Friday the 8th of November (8:45am - 3:00pm) Venue: AFL Community Room (8 Spoering St, Phillip ACT)

  • Perth: Thursday the 28th of November (8:45am - 3:00om) Venue: Travelodge Perth (417 Hay St, Perth)

What others are saying....

  • Great workshop! Jodie, you have a great balance of speaking, work-shopping with a good dose of humour and light-hardheartedness. I learnt a lot and (almost) feel that I possibly could become a leader. I realise that I may have some skills. Thanks for giving me that insight!

  • Terrific. Beneficial. Apt. Current. Forward-thinking. Transferable. Funny. Informative.

  • Excellent! Very practical with examples to relate to our skills as leaders.

  • I found your workshop very valuable. Great presentation style made us feel comfortable. Loved your humour. Inspired me to review my use of my planner and walked away with some practical tips.

  • Very engaging. Entertaining. Practical.

  • Some really great, usable ideas. Well sequenced and practical.

  • Excellent PD. Jodie, you were very welcoming, approachable and friendly. I really enjoyed your tips, stories and general leadership strategies. Learnt so much!

  • Fantastic presenter. Will definitely start implementing these leadership skills in my career.

  • Brilliant! Such fantastic knowledge and skills shared for actual school contexts. Time flew by.

  • Informative! Provided a lot of strategies to take back to school to assist with leadership programs. Loved all the quotes!

  • Highly engaging, with some practical takeaways to implement back at school. Loved the sections on time management in particular – very appropriate for me in my role (and life).

  • Excellent discussion points. Great questioning for creative thinking. Good resourcing. Self-reflection tools.

  • Thank you for an engaging session. Great to have a booklet to engage with.

  • Informative presentation. Discussion was good. Content relevant/relevant examples. Helpful and clear.

  • Helpful and clear. A great balance between resources written in booklet and space to add details. Inspiring content and delivery. Plenty of time for discussion to keep focussed.

  • Can’t wait to put everything into action. Definitely thought about a few things that I need to work on. I usually zone out during PD but I was engaged for the entire time.

  • It was good to reflect on what good leadership is and learn some new strategies. To be inspired and create better relationships and teamwork with my fellow students and teachers will be my goal.

  • Very well delivered, refocussed on changes to make to improve my leadership within the school. Will include personal roles/goals in my planning and use change criteria(s) to ensure more effective change.

  • Practical real-life applications which was good. Understands educational settings and what comes along with it. Good as a refresher for something very important.

  • Good to affirm the qualities I have as a leader and to prompt me to become even better. Listen with the intention of understanding, not with the intent to reply.

  • I found the PD to be interesting and informative. It gave me much to ponder and to reflect on. The networking aspect (connecting with others in leadership positions) was very beneficial.

  • Always very motivating. Thank you for sharing your stories. Great balance of knowledge and sharing. Really appreciate the energy and time dedicated to this.

  • Great takeaways. Lots of food for thought. I now have some ways of managing my time better and looking at ensuring I have those qualities that other leaders have that I value.

  • Practical information and useful tools. Credible experience to base content on. Engaging, enthusiastic, empowering.

  • Humour and authentic stories gave you cred and made the content real life. Succinct language and explanation of models. Opportunities to talk and share but well managed time wise and across the groups.

  • Jodie you are a very interesting and engaging presenter and I felt very positive about the content you presented. The day didn’t drag either and I really did hang on your every word. It was also self-affirming as I am always self-doubting and I feel stronger now.

  • Good practical tips and useful information. Straight to the point, which was great. Good amount of talking/listening and group work.

  • Really useful. Most notes I’ve ever taken on a PD. Very eye-opening as to what steps I need to take in the future. Very worthwhile session!

  • Awesome workshop. Consolidated my understanding and left me with lots to think about. Very professionally presented.

  • I was worried that the workshop would be ‘way over my head’ - all data and analysis. I am so happy I was ‘way’ off. Filled with takeaways that I plan to implement right away. You present brilliantly – funny, light, powerful.

  • I really enjoyed your PD today. I have gained new insights and will certainly be looking at leadership through a different, yet better lens from now on. You’ve also actually inspired me to follow my goal of doing consultancy, and to commence my leadership journey with vigour and be seriously active about it, not just sitting on the fence with self-doubt. You were fabulous.

  • Helpful and interesting – time flew! Thanks Jodie for all the tips, thanks also for the motivation, empowerment and time management tips, it’s very helpful as a ‘baby’ leader.

  • Super interesting and informative. Lots of takeaways to implement in real life work and build on existing work. Loved the balance of you talking to short discussions with those at my table. I feel empowered to continue on my leadership journey from here.

  • Very relevant information. Great ideas and a good refresher. Jodie, you’re easy to listen to, approachable and friendly. A great PD to attend.

  • Excellent day. Simple guide to understanding leadership. Great understanding of techniques to improve leadership. Excellent presentation – engaging, thought provoking – exactly what was needed to look at a change process in our own school.

  • A day well spent! Presentation was excellent. So many great practical tips (and quotes). So easy to listen to. Loved the slides. Good mix of info in booklets and room to write down information (which means we had to engage to record notes).

  • Very informative. I will encourage the leadership team at school to book in. Personally, the ‘what is a leader’ section was most beneficial but all was wonderful. Very affirming, yet also provided areas for growth.

  • Very personable presenter and effective delivery. Your continual examples were fantastic. I have many ideas to take away from this – it has provided much confidence.

  • Absolutely fantastic PD – 10/10 would recommend to all aspirants. Jodie, you’re a great presenter of quality information. I recently lost my drive to be aspirational, however you’ve inspired me to get back that drive again. A lot of takeaway positivity and body language tips not just for leaders but for me as a teacher as well. Will certainly recommend this PD to others.

  • I loved your passion and enthusiasm and your ability to keep on track whilst tying your vision and knowledge to a purpose. It’s great to access a PD with someone who puts forward their own experiences and actual application of what is being shared. Cannot fault the message/program you are putting forward. Appreciate all you had put out on offer.

  • Very approachable, very relevant and provides ideas that can be taken back and used straight away. Helpful in both professional and personal life. Gives enough information in booklets to allow time to just listen/engage in the sessions. Enjoy your life stories that makes you feel comfortable and that someone has lived what they are sharing.

  • You’re an excellent presenter and I found the session very informative and engaging, and exactly what I was hoping to get out of it, Thanks so much

  • I found this PD to be very informative. I have taken a lot from this seminar. Jodie was very good and a charismatic presenter. I would recommend this seminar, thank you so much

  • Your presentation was inspiring and informative. I appreciate the conversation that we had and definitely have learnt a lot

  • Really enjoyed the session. A lot of information that has applied to what I have seen in my workplace and a lot of new ideas and ways of thinking. I am looking forward to applying this to my leadership journey

Wonderful Leaders from Mackay.

Wonderful Leaders from Mackay.

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Dedicated Leaders in SA

Dedicated Leaders in SA

Lucy and Alice: Principal and Deputy Principal from Gordon International School, PNG

Lucy and Alice: Principal and Deputy Principal from Gordon International School, PNG